Review: epic bagels at Bagel Boy, St Nicholas Street

Taking advantage of Wriggle‘s incredible Bagel Boy deal – that’s two bagels, fries and beers for just £12 – I ventured down to the St Nicholas Street branch last week for a bite to eat. It would have been rude not to…

Since launching the original pop-up inside the Elbow Room on Park Street, Bagel Boy has become a familiar sight in Bristol. Today they have permanent sites on Gloucester Road and St Nicholas Street and, more recently, they’ve set up shop inside Bar Humbug on Whiteladies Road.

The formula behind their success lies in their homemade bagel-making skills, their use of locally sourced ingredients, and (even without the Wriggle deal) their refreshingly reasonable prices – bagels range from £3.80 to £6.That’s another one to add to the lunch list…



But this time we were off to enjoy a spot of early dinner. Now, I admit that I’ve been quite spoiled when it comes to bagels – Bagel Shop on rue Cadet and l’Atelier du Bagel on rue du Faubourg Poissonnière were within walking distance of my office when I worked in Paris – so expectations were high.

The large and varied menu was plenty enticing – there’s bound to be something to satisfy everyone’s cravings from the selection scribbled on the blackboard, which ranges from the signature hot salt beef, pickles and American mustard (New York Boy) to bagels stuffed with homemade beef patties.



After grabbing a bottle of Beerd‘s Silvertip New Zealand pale ale and placing our order at the chipboard-fronted bar, we took a seat in the stripped-back eating area, where you’ll find reclaimed tables and chairs, as well as a booth or two. The space is very low key and laid back, and there was a sociable atmosphere as a few larger tables chatted over beer and bagels.

It wasn’t long before our dinner arrived – the Tuscan Boy (£3.80) for me, and the Independent Boy (£4) for Ben, plus a basket of fries on the side.


The bagels themselves were gorgeously doughy, and mine was filled (but not overfilled) with salty-sweet Serrano ham, creamy mozzarella, fresh tomato and leaves, and pesto mayo. The flavours were fresh and worked well together, and it was easy to handle – no fillings oozing out of the sides. Ben’s bacon, homemade guacamole, cream cheese, tomato and green leaves combo was a winner, too.

The fries were good, nothing special, but this was really all about the bagels, and they certainly hit the spot.



Visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner; wash it down with freshly brewed coffee or a local ale or cider – but do make sure you visit. The bagels are top draw, the drinks choice is great, and you can’t argue with the value-for-money prices. I’m already eyeing up the Reuben Boy for next time… Mmm, pastrami…

39-41 St Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1TP


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